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Azalea Manor Bed and Breakfast, Madison Indiana

A few guests who’ve shared a special moment.
 Smiles are the best proof of happy satisfied customers
at Azalea Manor Bed & Breakfast Inn, Madison Indiana

The nurse group / Group

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John & Melinda and Brian & Terry
Eli & Swati
Mr & Mrs Cris & Renea
Linda & Stephanie
Bob & Carol
Paul & Cindy
Mr & Mrs Lee & Lori
Estridge party
Beth & Mark
Jill & Wes
Mr & Mrs, Dustin & Jenna
John & Sherrie
Mathew & Jordan
Tina, Barb, Tammy & Debbie
Charles & Holly
Karen & Tom
Dave & Bonnie
Cincy Rockers
Cincy Rockers
Marilyn, Anne & Roxann
Ginger & Ed, Paul & Diane
Slayd & Corry
Rob & Shiela, and friends
Steve & Donna
Shahram & Gina
Mr & Mrs Thurman
Mike & Barb
Robert & Maria
Michael & Robyn
Mr & Mrs Crawford
Eric & Holly
Tim & Theresa
Mr & Mrs Green Shirt & White Shirt (circa Tue, Aug 01, 2017)
Roxana & David
Maggie, Lynn, & Bev
Skip & Karen
Mr & Mrs
Mr. & Mrs.
3 Sisters
Pamela Smitson, Wilda Evans, Betty Asberry and Pat Neal
Steve & Bette Noble, and the
Hanover College reunion homecoming
Mary & Harry
Chang & Jin
Kim & Tim
Debra & Kirk
Alice, Betsy & Elizabeth
Patty & Michael
Jim & Mary
John & Vickie "Holmes Tree Service"
Kimmy, Charlene & Kellie
Warren & Vicki
Linda, daughter (yel) & friend (red)
Lori missing Stacey
Janet, Marilyn, Carol, Barb & Betty
Jack & Marty
Jim & Karen
Allen & Anne
Patty & Tony
Michelle & Stephen
Jeremy & Sharon
Janelle, Ed, Marge, & Ron
Tracy & Paul Opsahl
Bonnie & Joe Schott
Wilda (left) & Kelli (right)
Billy & Jennifer
Gary & Cathy
Carrie and Doug Ledford
Jamie & JerryJamie & Jerry
Rich & Sharon
Jamey & Brook
Mike & Theresa Mike & Theresa
Mary, Karol, & Deborah Mary, Karol, & Deborah
Tony & Cindy

"Living, Loving and Smiling is easy
at Azalea Manor Bed & Breakfast!"

And thanks greatly for your kindness, hospitality and restful setting in your lovely home. It was indeed a much needed respite from life’s pressures. We hope to take all the positive feelings and energy,
and start on a much more enjoyable path in our lives.
~ Blessings, Tony & Cindy

Warren and Janice, golf fans! Warren and Janice, golf fans!
Mr & Mrs Linda Stoffel Mr & Mrs Stoffel
James & Carla Barbarossa with a Shofar, a rams horn used in Jewish religious ceremonies. James & Carla Barbarossa with a Shofar,
a rams horn used in Jewish religious ceremonies.
Kimberly and Mark, We love our Southern Indiana mom. Shirley makes our stay feel like home. riding motorcycle"We love our Southern Indiana mom. Shirley makes our stay feel
like home with her charm and hospitality," Kimberly and Mark.
Stephanie & Donovan
Steve & Terina on a Broomtail Carriage Ride

Steve & Terina on a Broomtail Carriage Ride

Electrictek, LLC.
Tim McDonough
Cell:   4505 W. Reed Rd
Fax:     Hanover, IN 47243
Electrical   Technology
Telephone Systems   Audio-Video
Alarm Systems   Access Control
Sound Systems   Security Cameras
Computer   Networks
Bob Justice Heating & Cooling (765) 5295161 Bob Justice Heating & Cooling

Where are you?

You are always welcome!


Life is short. Treat yourself and your loved one to a very special birthday, anniversary, or romantic getaway. This is an experience you’ll both remember for a life time. I’ve been waiting to meet you. What are you waiting for?

~ Azalea

Ralph & Julie

Mr & Mrs Scott & Karen
Kelly Jo & Azalea
David & Kelly Jo
Doug & Sandy
Ken & Jackie
Jeff & Therese
Tonya & Tammy
Tom & Melissa
Ronald & Deborah
Wade & Lauren
Andy & Becky
Randy & Nancy
Dennis & Jackie
Mark & Jennifer
Kim & Cyrus
Henry & Jane (and sometimes Andy stealing the show)
Shane & Molly
Early Oct 2018
Carlos & Marisol
Sisters Jennifer & Jeryl
Sep 2nd, 2018
Gail & Paula
Jim & Judy
Rob & Sheila
Darrall & Tonda
Donnie & Lisa
Mike & Tammy
Mike & Tammy
Jay & Sanna
Craig & Karen
Chris & Jennifer
Robert & Tamara
Tatiana & friend (circa Wed, Aug 16, 2017)
Melany, JoLinda, & Janette
Jeff & Gina
Dillan & Angela
Group Dec 4, 2016
Mike & Adreana
Mr & Mrs Stoffel
Lana & Harold
Beth & Ron
Roxana & David
Meredith & Mehul
Jeff & LuAnn
Jerry & Elizabeth
Suzie & Steve
Brandon & Britanny Ragan
Joan & Lance
Michael & Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Osterbrock
Roy & Bev
Richard & Suzan
Barbara & Sue
Franz & Samantha
Dan & Nancy
Mr & Mrs Hollowell
Dale & Tracy
Kevin & Natalie
Robert & Peggy
Randy & Carrie
Jennifer, Jennifer, & Jennifer (not necessarily in that order)
Currently [then]
on display
at the
Indiana State Fair:

Wilda & Daughter

Left hover over:
Wilda & John

... made for my husband, John...
... won 1st Prize Blue Ribbon...
My husband loved [it] ... and asked me to make it bigger ...

... I ... handwrote an original poem on some of the light fabric and attached it to the back for the quilt label:

“I cut and sewed some cloth, My Love,
to make a quilt for thee.
I pray it keeps thee warm at night
and helps thee dream of me.

Presented to John Evans
from Wilda Evans
Christmas 2012

Double-Nine Patch made with/for my granddaughter, Olivia ... won an Honorable Mention. ... when she was 8 ½ -10 years old. She wanted me to teach her to sew... She made 7 of the 9” pieced blocks before losing interest... The quilt blocks and fabric were in a plastic tote on a closet shelf until I finished it as a surprise for her Christmas 2012. She was 18 years old and a Senior in High School!

... She cried…

[The] Festive Flurries quilt was made for my oldest, Julianne... won
Third Place,
2014 Indiana State Fair.
Juli likes clean lines and modern looks, so I knew this would be a perfect pattern for her. She was also surprised ... Christmas 2012.

Thanks for letting me share with you!
~ Wilda & John

Mr. & Mrs. Colglazier
Marletta & Danny

Kim & Barry

Jeff & Denise
Gloria & Ann
Ben & Lindsey Ben & Lindsey

Michele & Nancy Michele & Nancy
Jim & Cheryl, on left, and Ron & Marge, on rightJim & Cheryl               Ron & Marge
Randy & Sharon, on left, and Joe & Vickie, on rightRandy & Sharon               Joe & Vickie
Steve & Rhonda, at Madison airport, in front of their air plane, wide camera shot. Steve & Rhonda
Aubrey & Joe Aubrey & Joe
Sandy & Carolyn at Madison Art Festival, Madison Historic District Sandy & Carolyn
Mike & Linda (black Corvette), Jack & Jenny (brown Corvette), Mike & Linda (black Corvette), Jack & Jenny (brown),
Bob & Jan (burgundy)
Alan, Nelda, Claudia, Jim Alan, Nelda, Claudia, Jim
Jim, Claudia, Nelda, Alan
Azalea, Aug 2018.
Have you seen the youtube video yet?

Some people think Azalea Manor is great because it’s on National Register of Historic Places
and in the single largest contiguous national landmark site in the United States,
but actually it’s the people who come here that make Azalea Manor and Madison great!
We  thank you , all our guests and those who’ve contributed to our web site!


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