A few special Guests
Wilda Evans & Family

Wilda & Daugher,
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with ...Quilts ... on display at the Indiana State Fair

Currently [at the time] on display at the

Indiana State Fair:

[The] Sampler quilt was made for my husband, John. It won the 1st Prize Blue Ribbon and the Sweepstakes Ribbon in the Beginners Category. It was the first bed-size quilt I made. I had taken a Beginners Quilting class at a local quilt shop and made 6 of the blocks and was supposed to finish it into a wall hanging after the classes were over. My husband loved the colors and different blocks and asked me to make it bigger for him to use for napping.


Over time, I found six more blocks that had fun and meaningful names, like Courthouse Steps (we were married in the Courthouse downtown Indy), My Best Friend (because he is), Contrary Wife (because I am), Snowball (because I still like to play in the snow) and I can’t think of the other two right now. But, I finished it and in keeping with the old-fashioned theme (“civil war” fabrics), I composed and handwrote an original poem on some of the light fabric and attached it to the back for the quilt label:

"I cut and sewed some cloth,
My Love,
to make a quilt for thee.
I pray it keeps thee warm at night
and helps thee dream of me.

Presented to John Evans
from Wilda Evans
Christmas 2012" 

[The] Double-Nine Patch was made with/for my granddaughter, Olivia Peavler. It won an Honorable Mention Ribbon. She and I started making this when she was 8 ½ -10 years old. She wanted me to teach her to sew and she picked out the quilt pattern and the pink fabrics. She made 7 of the pieced 9” pieced blocks before losing interest at sitting and sewing when she visited (she wanted to go, go, go! as she got a little older).


The quilt blocks and fabric were in a plastic tote on a closet shelf until I finished it for [her] as a surprise for her Christmas 2012. She was 18 years old and a Senior in High School! I typed the story of our quilt and printed it on printable fabric for this quilt label. I attached a sawtooth border like the one on the front of the quilt. She cried…

[The] Festive Flurries quilt was made for my oldest, Julianne Erhart-Graves. It won a Third Place Ribbon in the 2014 Indiana State Fair. Juli likes clean lines and modern looks, so I knew this would be a perfect pattern for her. She was also surprised and thrilled to get a quilt for Christmas 2012. I haven’t put a label on her quilt, but I should.

Thanks for letting me share with you!
Have a great day!


Wilda & John, Olivia, Juli


Note: words inside of brackets [ ] are modifications by the editor, intended to clarify the author’s intent. Date: 2016-07-16.

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