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UPDATE: As of Oct 10, 2021, other than 3rd party advertiser’s cookies, we will begin testing use of a single cookie to inform iframed content what page it is placed within, on this site. This cookie will state what page, of this site, a user is or was last on. User browsers should automatically delete this cookie upon browser close.

Personally identifiable data

However, be advised, 3rd party advertisers might.
You would need to ask them about that.

3rd party advertisers

As for 3rd party advertisers, beware, we can not speak for them. We can only strive to conduct business with those of the highest standards.

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Direct Advertising

If we directly run an ad for you, the entire source code of that ad and all its parts must be placed on our server. For safety, we must be able to inspect, scan and understand all source code and associated material. If it is too complicated, the ad will not be allowed. Ads may provide a click-able link to another site, but without including or injecting remote source code within any link or ad material on our servers. Recall all source code must be placed on our servers to be inspectable, scan-able and easy to understand.

So we can verify that no funny business is going on,


This site does not send unsolicited bulk email, otherwise known as SPAM. Further, we strongly recommend you NEVER click on any part of a SPAM email, which would only encourage them to send more. We recommend you just delete it and complain to government. They should be prosecuting: false and misleading statements in commercial communications, as well as perpetrating a public fraud. It is well worth noting that fake and manipulating emails are generated by many and for many different reasons.

"Spoofing" refers to fake emails impersonating legitimate email sent by a legitimate source, typically to get people to click on something they wouldn't have if they had any idea where or what the click goes or does. Sometimes its used to trick people into logging into a fake site to get your personal information, all the while you think your on the legitimate site you intended.

An example would be email pretending to be from PayPal, while in reality an attempt to get people to click and go to a web site pretending to be PayPal. Where they hope to get you to enter your user id's, passwords and other personal information, while thinking you are at the actual PayPal site. When it comes to important web sites you do business with, banks, credit cards, even email service providers, its very important to:

1. learn EXACTLY what should be in the browser URL address bar. So you can recognize when something is wrong.

2. learn to hover over links and buttons, without clicking on them, to see what the url points to. Any browser worth using will display the url contents for a link you hover over somewhere on the screen, typically in the lower left or right corners of the browser window. Any links pointing to a website other than the official website the email is purporting to be for is probably bad, very bad. In that case, you might delete the email.

IF while hovering over links or buttons inside the content of an email, you can not detect where it goes or what it does, you should consider the email hostile and delete it. If you think it might be legitimate, but not sure, just write down on paper, who what where and when. Then contact them directly. Obfuscating where the link goes is not a legitimate business practice.

Linking Disclaimer

Links on this web site to other web sites, are not necessarily endorsements. If someone says “Hey, look over there, a dog is biting someone.”
That is not an endorsement or encouragement for people to be put in danger of dog attacks.
The link may be a warning message saying, caution, please be aware.

By providing links to other sites,  does not offer any warranty, guarantee, nor approve, nor endorse the information, products, services, advice, philosophy or comments available on other sites linked to or from this site. Each site is entirely responsible for it’s own content.
And links to other sites are nothing more than a street map pointing to neighbors, NOT associations.

Words actually stating for or against, pro or con, expressing encouragement or discouragement, approval or disapproval are worth considering.

If there is no statement in English explicitly describing the nature of an affiliation with a specific person, business, organization or activity, then there is no affiliation whatsoever.
No more affiliated than you are with your random neighbors.


Views and opinions expressed on this site are those of the speakers or authors and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions held by this site or any associates.

Events, characters and organizations depicted on this site are fictitious, unless explicitly declared. Similarity to persons places, or organizations, whether living, dead, real or imaginary, is purely coincidental, unless explicitly declared.

This site might cite or display content copyrighted by other persons or entity's. This site and any associates make no claim to copyright of such content. This site is a messenger and sharer of information and attempts to verify, but ultimately cannot warrant or guarantee accuracy of copyrights, completeness or correctness of information on this site.

For example displaying some content belonging to others for a legitimate fair use for discussion. Also some web sites provide content free to be embedded into other external web sites, like You Tube.

Embedded content

This site or any associates can not be held accountable for embedded content, from sites like If embedded content is illegal, go to the site from which the content is embed from, like, and notify them. When such content is removed there, all other web sites on the internet displaying that specific embedded content will automatically and instantaneously drop the embedded content. Attempting to contact all those sites would be extremely inefficient, since each embedding site has to assume the source site has legitimate authority to display and make said content embeddable to the public.

Requests, complaints and corrections

If you would like to make a complaint, or notify this site about incorrect information, or incorrect use of your content, or any copyright or intellectual property issue, please contact this site in good faith to resolve any issue before making a copyright claim. Please be concise and complete. Any infringement is not deliberate and will be rectified to all parties satisfaction.

Sex, Drugs, Hate Speech

This site is socially polite and family friendly.

Take note,
this site strictly prohibits explicit sexual content, obscenity, the promotion of illegal drugs, the promotion of reckless behavior or use of otherwise legal substances with less than reasonable dangers, and hate speech towards any race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, or economic status, as any other unlawful discrimination.


Please REPORT broken links.

Please REPORT updates, changes, and corrections.

Please REPORT any abuse or violation of the policies above.

If any content contrary to the "Sex, Drugs & Hate Speech" policy is discovered please contact us immediately!
Please note it is almost certainly a deliberate vicious attack by hackers.
In such circumstances CONTACT us immediately and by every means possible.


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