Mooreland Indiana

Map to Azalea Manor Bed and Breakfast

Map & Directions
Mooreland Indiana
to Azalea Manor
Bed and Breakfast

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Escape: Mooreland Indiana
Head west on Charles St toward N Broad St
2 sec (33 ft)
Take N Wilbur Wright Rd, S County Rd 850 W/N County Road 850 W, N 800 E and S County Rd 850 W to E 600 S
51 min (35.5 mi)
Take S 700 E and N Co Rd 600 E to IN-46 E in Saltcreek Township
29 min (18.2 mi)
Take N Old Michigan Rd and US-421 S to W Main St/Ohio River Scenic Byway in Madison
55 min (42.7 mi)
Arrive: 510 W Main St, Madison IN 47250
Total time appx 2 hr 20 min (96.4 miles) along N Old Michigan Rd.


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Madison Indiana, Madison Historic District