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Remember: make sure your devices are fully charged with charging cords/adapters, cell phones, etc. Always take an actual paper map too!

If you are not starting near the center of downtown Indianapolis, it may be best to jump on the I465 circle before heading down.

Whether you take I65 or I74 down, you’ll find it to be a peaceful view along the way.

This path from Indianapolis IN to Madison IN is 90 miles. The shortest path in time is estimated to be 1 hour 45 minutes.

Enjoy the scenic drive along:

  • Soldiers & Sailors Monument,
  • Indiana Repertory Theatre,
  • Harrison College,
  • Edna Balz Lacy Family Park,
  • Ringgold Park,
  • Garfield Park, Sarah Shank Golf Course,
  • Sarah T. Bolton Park,
  • Hornet Park,
  • South Grove Park,
  • Southport Crossing Shopping Center,
  • Gray Park,
  • St Francis Heart Center,
  • St Francis Hospital,
  • Smock Golf Course,
  • Kindred Hospital,
  • Fast Track Flight,
  • Greenwood Municipal Airport,
  • Medtech College,
  • Otte Golf & Family Fun Center,
  • Truck Driver Institute,
  • Family RV Rental,
  • Hurricane Cemetery,
  • The Legends Golf Course,
  • Hillview Country Club,
  • Ivy Tech Community College,
  • Irwin Park,
  • Timbergate Golf Course,
  • Treadway Cemetery,
  • Carter Cemeteries,
  • OB/GYN Associates,
  • Clifty Creek Park,
  • Donaldson Cemetery,
  • Selmier State Forest,
  • Muscatatuck Park,
  • Crosley State Fish & Wildlife Area,
  • Clifty Falls State Park
Sights all along the way.


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