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Big Map to Azalea Manor Bed and Breakfast

Big Map & Directions
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Bed and Breakfast

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Atwater Ave to E 3rd St in Perry Township for about 6 min (1.4 mi)

The SAFER Route

Follow IN-46 East
Turn South on I-65.
Turn East on US-31 into Austin, also E Main St.
Turn East/left onto IN-256 in Austin.
Trip so far, about 1 hr 15 min (67.9 mi).
Continue on IN-256 East.
This will turn into Albion, then Wooster, then Kent.
Then it turns into ”Ohio River Scenic Byway“.
Ultimately it turns into W. Main St in Madison.

The Scenic & Natural Route

Note: E. 3rd St turns into IN-46, which sometimes turns into IN-135, and back to IN-46 along the same path. Eventually IN-46 will turn into IN-7. Once you get into Madison, IN-7 will turn into Lanier Dr.

Continue East on IN-46, all the way to IN-7 South as it turns into /Lanier Dr as it crosses IN56 in Madison about
1 hr 42 min (77.3 mi).
At this point IN-7/Lanier Dr goes down the mountain side.

Turn Right on Michigan Rd and continue down the mountain side.

In the historic district you will find yourself at a 4way intersection with W. Main St. Turn Right and look for 510 W. Main St.

If you stay on IN-7, this will also take you to Main St, in which case turn Left and look for 510 W. Main St.

If you over shoot Main St, you’ll go to the Ohio River Scenic Byway and see the Ohio River. No problem. just go north anywhere and you’ll cross Main St again.

This path from Bloomington IN to Madison IN is 82.8 miles. The shortest path in time is estimated to be 1 hour 53 minutes.


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Madison Indiana, Madison Historic District