Importance of finding a quiet place


Life is full of chaos and dangers. And it may feel like the universe is out to get you, because it is!


Benefits of quiet time.

People learn to think by practicing thinking. And when your taking in information, noise, people talking, movies, or music your not doing much actual thinking. Even while reading, you're taking in some one else's thinking. That is not thinking.

Thinking happens between periods of information intake. When actually thinking about the information.

People need periodic brakes to actually think, about information or anything. People often experience their most important thoughts doing mundane things like mowing the lawn or having a sit down in the restroom. This is because its a break, from other people, from constant incoming information like digital media.

If you find yourself or someone you care about running some noise box 24 hours a day, that person is probably addicted to the constant noise. Like a TV on all day, could be netflix, a radio, playing video games all day. Or if always going from one noise box to another all day, day after day, theres a chance they could have a serious addiction to distractions. Thats not living, thats running out the clock on your life.

Time you could have profited from, like:

aggressively trading in your IRA, reading about everything in your IRA, searching online for more information about your IRA.


Time you could have spent learning something valuable, like:

learning everything about moving money within your IRA to better investments.

Adding up a 10 years of playing video games could've been getting a 4 year dregree in a science and completing medical school to become a doctor. If a person can develop the skill of turning difficult tasks into games for their own mind to work on, without fear, without boredom, but an aggressive desire to master and conquer a subject, 1 topic like 1 battle at a time. That requires focus and attention to detail. Skills that one develops with practice. And you cant practice any mental skill while being bombarded with distractions.



time you could have spent making a life filled with special moments.

Give yourself a break. Plan a quiet retreat and rejunvinate.


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