1942 Plymouth P14S Deluxe, 4 door sedan automobile

FOR SALE, call (812) 274-4059

Fore more details.

Grandpa’s Ride

All original condition, Body in excellent shape, all 4 original hub caps in excellent condition included. Stored indoors protected from rain, snow and ice. Rear suicide doors, uses a 6 volt battery, lug nuts on one side are threaded in opposite direction.

Note: White wall tires.



Has a standard transmission, BUT gear shift is on the steering column. Sometimes people mistake the gear shift for a turn signal or wiper blades control. Gear shift design is nothing like gear shift systems seen since WWII and DOES NOT work like any more modern steering column gear shifts. You must learn before you attempt to drive. People who think they can just wing-it and learn on the fly probably broke these systems in the past, which might explain why they’re not made anymore.


It Runs & Drives

IT RUNS AND DRIVES!! I Have driven it around the block and back into the garage. Possibly a WWII Army/Air Force/Navy/Marine staff car. Car is very dark navy blue, when not in bright sunlight people often think its black. I assume trim refers to the chrome.

Actual millage unknown at time of writing description.


About this long

This is an estimate of how long it is.


For sale, more info at sale.


Rear Bumper

Yes. The rear bumper is included. There was a firece debate, but in the end, I think we made the right decision.


Suicide Doors

The rear passenger doors open towards the front. So, if you find yourself a passenger when the driver tries to take you with them off a cliff. Should you jump, you’ll need to jump far enough to clear the doors. Or the doors may hit and grind over you, with you between doors and ground, while you go under the doors. Ouch.



With good sunlight, you can really see the blue of the automobile, in constrast to the green grass.


Car Manual

Contact owner at 812-274-4059, see Plymouth Manual_OCR.pdf/


Hub Caps

The hub caps are stored separately for safety.


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