Gatsby Glamour Afternoon Tea!

Fancy dress party with champage, tea and crumpets

Image: Shrewsbury-Windle House, Madison Indiana


It’s from 2-4pm Sunday, October 13, at the gorgeous Shrewsbury-Windle House, the National Historic Landmark at 301 West First Street, in Madison Historic District, Madison Indiana. Our four-course afternoon tea will be served on antique china on formally dressed (but not all matching) tables. Tea will be served, of course, with sugar, milk or cream, and lemon. We’ll begin our Gatsby tea with a champagne toast in (mostly) antique coupe stemmed glasses, classic style for a 1920’s-era toast.

It should be noted, that fancy dressup, fancy foods and drinks,
are not something children would appreciate. Nor would our
other guests appreciate the chaos of children under 12. Not to
mention antique china, and antiques everywhere else.


Image: American actors Douglas Fairbanks (1883-1939)
and Mary Pickford (1892-1979)


The first course is usually a chilled soup in elegant two-handled cups, then savories are served, including tea sandwiches. Warm scones are served next, with jams and coddled cream. Finally, sweets are served, which may include cookies, cakes, and/or creams in small glasses. We never send anyone home hungry.


Image: Actress Louise Brooks 1926, bobbed hair and cloche hat

Informal Tour

Seating is in the large Shrewsbury dining room, and the adjoining room the family used as a study. The experience is a lovely, relaxing experience for our guests, and we lead them on an informal tour of the house when they are finished with their tea.


Image: Couple on cruise ship,

“Dress the Part”

The Afternoon Teas are especially enjoyable when our guests “dress the part” at least a little bit. Even a modest hat, a dress, or, for this particular tea, a feather boa and large costume jewelry and gloves would be appropriate, or even a flapper dress and ‘20’s-era hairstyle, or bow ties for men would be ideal. We do ask that people not wear jeans or stiletto heels.

I suggest looking at 1920’s fashion on for ideas.


Image: Vilma Banky, Rod. La Rocque, c. 1915 to 1920

Special Offer

Right now we have a special offer: if tickets are purchased before October 1, they are just $25 per person. Starting October 1,the regular price is $35. Tickets might be purchased online at Eventbrite [ may or may not be working, read it carefully] or by cash/check via mail or in person at the Historic Madison, Inc. offices, located at 501 West Street. [Warning: ] Ticket sales end Sunday October 6, so we can shop for groceries and prepare for the final number of attendees. The host mentioned she, "... would also be happy to deliver tickets to you [those] at the Azalea Manor."

"It sounds like a perfectly good excuse to socialize," ~ Azalea.


Čeština: V kavárně, 1927, by Hugo Boettinger (1880-1934)

Sunday’s Best

If you can’t find anything, wear your ...


Please let me know if you have more questions.
If you prefer to call or text, you can reach me at 812-599-4537.
Ann Lostutter
Shrewsbury-Windle Events Coordinator

For questions:

DISCLAIMER: [text] within square brackets are comments made by the editor attempting to clarify the author’s intent. Also, Actual crumpets may not be available. Read above or call for more details.


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