Christmas Parade, 2018

Madison Historic District, downtown Madison Indiana.



Christmas band

Its much more than learning to play an instrument, which usually takes years. Its not just learning "a" song, but many. Its not just walking, but rather learning to walk without seeing entirely where one is going. Its learning to play an instrument, read sheet music, watch for a conductors directions out of the corner of one eye, while avoiding the road hazards with the other eye, and watching the others to remain in-step with the third eye, moving in unison as one collective unit with military precision. The time organizing, the countless hours of practice, the commitment, the discipline and the perseverance, even in the face bad weather. These are just a few of my favorite things. Not to mention the willingness to submit to being lead, which every leader would do well to acknowledge. Let them not be under appreciated. And to those who study and practice the fine art of leadership, keeping everyone motivated and working towards all the many individual goals and the collective goals, while hopefully avoiding an open rebellion. To learn and master just one of those skills often takes a life time. But to pull it all together is nothing less than a herculean effort! To make it look easy, a band must truly be great!

~ My hat's off to the leader of the band.


Giant parade balloon
christmas ornaments

A cautionary tale, "When holiday competition goes too far." I can just hear them shouting,"our tree is better than yours!" Please everyone, I implore you, try to remember it is for Christmas.

Its worth taking note, that if too many of them adjust their hair at the same time, it could get away from them. So if you are new to the group, don't let the others try and convince you to tie yourself to the balloon. They may taunt an initiate by letting go! Its all fun and games in the moment, but hazing really can be dangerous.

Seriously, this is probably a team building exercise for staff of the King’s Daughters’ Hospital.

"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."
~ Benjamin Franklin.


Hay ride

In a fine truck indeed.


unidentified floating objects

Now that's an "all day, all week, sucker?"

A small fortune has been spent by the United States considering the question of UFO’s. " Project Blue Book " was one in a series of systematic studies. Some being more systematic than others.


Candy land or
ginger bread homes?

Warning: gingerbread is high calorie-dense choice with about 114 calories per ounce. Note that 1 oz solid pure sugar crystal contains about 112 calories. U.S. Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines places gingerbread into the category of "empty calories," having little nutritional value beyond mere calories.

One might think that 1 oz slice of banana is pure carbohydrate, but that’s not true, having about 25 calories, due to the water content alone. Ginger bread has about 4.5 times the calories by weight.


Elf union

Local elf union, marching for elf solidarity and elves of all ages everywhere. Over the years there have been many discontinued cookie brands, resulting in concern for elf employment.


Disney characters
driven by Broomtail carriage.

Disney characters, pretending to be humans, in costume. Mickey may actually be running for office. Since 1932 Mickey mouse has been used as a non-serious candidate’s name, when entered as a write-in vote by dissatisfied voters.


The elf princess

Leading her tiny peoples through uncertain economic times. The Kellogg’s company sold the Keebler brand to Ferrero SpA in 2019 for $1.3 Billion, so they’ll be back to making cookies. All is well, that ends well.

WARNING: These comments have been the mindless ramblings of Mr. Sill Factor.

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