Madison Chautauqua

Backyard Sales, 2011

Start of backyard shopping during Chautauqua 2011.

Madison Chautauqua
Festival of Art

is an outdoor arts and crafts festival. But people set up tables and display items for sale all over, there are street tables along the side walks, yard sales, backyard sales, garage sales, in addition to all the regular shops open along main street. Its a huge swap meet, to buy, sell and trade.


Sample of items for sale.

Eclectic variety
of items for sale

These items include paintings, lamps, antique radios, figurines, brass decorations, antique dishes and silverware, ceramics, baskets.


Beautiful places
to shop

This is at Azalea Manor Bed & Breakfast, and during Chautauqua. However, you will find hundreds of places downtown selling all manner of wares, art, and antiques. Places all over mainstreet, in backyards and garage sales. This one annual occasion will not be peaceful and quiet, but will provide a good excuse for lots of walking and street shopping. And there is the benefit of an elegant delicious hot breakfast when you wake in the morning.

Imagine, after a long day of shopping in the midst of noisy large crowds, retiring for the evening in the calm peace of Azalea Manor Bed and Breakfast, walking distance away from shopping downtown Madison Indiana.

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Sleep in luxury

While visiting madison, you might as well sleep in luxury!

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