How to get to Cedar Cliffs Park
and what to do when you get there

How to get there | Cedar Cliffs Bed and Breakfast?

How to get to Cedar Cliffs Park

Starting here:

Azalea Manor
Bed & Breakfast

510 West Main Street
Madison Indiana 47250
(812) 274-4059
Please call between 10am-10pm

and going to:

Cedar Cliff Park
N. Cedar Cliff Dr
Madison Indiana 47250

Suggested route (3.3 miles, 10 minutes)

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What’s great
about Bed & Breakfasts
in Madison Historic District?

It’s being able to visit nature and the great outdoors at Cedar Cliffs Park, and at the end of the day, driving only about 3 miles to soft deep carpeted floors, a hot shower, and an enormous deep soft mattress to rest your sore worn feet, knees & ankles, and enjoy a real breakfast prepared for you at no additional cost when you wake up in the morning. Truly enjoying nature the way god intended! This is the reason people sometimes call Azalea Manor the Cedar Cliffs Bed and Breakfast.


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